Most vehicles from current Mario Kart games have a specific theme... take the Sweets Party; it's based off a tasty slice of cake. But the X Racer has no special subject. This kart from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX is pretty basic, but in a way, that makes it special.

The focuses of the X Racer are acceleration and handling. Is has enough of these stats to help out its negligent speed.


Similar to the Sprinter, the frame of this kart is quite elongated in the front. Two well-treaded tires (for that pleasurable handling) are adhered to the sides with a couple of metal bars. The bumper consists of a grille and two large headlights on either side, each of them marked with a yellowish-orange "X" (the probable feature where the kart got the "X" in its name from). Atop the light blue hood is a black emblem with a yellow flag in the center. Moving down to where the driver sits, the X Racer elongates, and black ventilation panels keep the sides of the vehicle, well, ventilated. The top of the kart, the whole length, is extremely flat and sky blue, and curved windshield protects the driver's chest (their face is completely exposed to Blooper ink and Bob-omb explosions. The back of the X Racer straightens out, and the back wheels lie a little beyond the character using the kart. Finally, chrome thrusters extend out the back.


Two +1s for the X Racer help lift it into the top half of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. Unfortunately, neither of the stat increases help out Speed (which is a must for experienced racers), so it's really a low high quality kart, if that makes since. Hopefully it does.

Stat Name Stat Value
Acceleration +1
Speed +0
Handling +1


  • With the rear of the X Racer suddenly going flat, the entire frame strangely resembles a "T" shape instead of a presumed "X"...


To Be Announced. There's absolutely no pics of this kart on YouTube or Google, but we'll keep searching. But until then, enjoy this picture of Peach. I know I will...