Wild Wing
Wild Wing Mario Artwork - Mario Kart Wii

Mario in the Wild Wing

Size Class: Medium
Advantages: Speed, Weight, Drift, Mini-Turbo
Disadvantages: Acceleration, Handling, Off-Road
Appearance(s): Mario Kart Wii

The Wild Wing is medium-sized kart from Mario Kart Wii. It resembles a tuner with an aerodynamic front, (a McLaren F1 LM) and a spoiler decorated with a wing on each side. The Wild Wing shows a two-stripe pattern running along the hood, and the signature symbol of the character is located on the sides of the kart. Its bike counterpart is the Mach Bike.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 57
Weight 51
Acceleration 21
Handling 29
Drift 59
Off-Road 24
Mini-Turbo 59

As its aerodynamic body might imply, the Wild Wing features great speed, drift and mini-turbo. It is also the heaviest medium-size vehicle in the game. However, its handling, acceleration and off-road stats are low.

The Wild Wing has the same off-road and handling stats as the Honeycoupe. Its off-road is tied with the Sneakster. Its drift and mini-turbo are tied with the Shooting Star. It also has the same acceleration stat as the Jetsetter and the same weight stat as the Phantom.

Color Schemes

Mario- Red body, Black stripes & fenders, Golden exhaust-system, Orange headlamps, Blue seat-accents

Luigi- Green body, Navy stripes & fenders, Blue middle-stripe, Silver exhaust-system, Cyan headlamps, Yellow seat-accents

Peach- Pink body & headlamps, White stripes & fenders, Golden exhaust-system, Magenta seat-accents

Daisy- Orange body, Yellow stripes & headlamps, Black fenders, Copper exhaust-system, Green seat-accents

Yoshi- White body, Light-Green stripes & fenders, Red middle-stripe, Golden exhaust-system, Orange headlamps, Yellow seat-accents

Birdo- Purple body & headlamps, Black stripes & fenders, Silver exhaust-system, Turquoise seat-accents

Diddy Kong-  Black body, Brown stripes & fenders, Copper exhaust-system, Orange headlamps, Grey seat-accents

Bowser Jr.- Yellow body, Green stripes, Black fenders, Bronze exhaust-system, Orange headlamps, Red seat-accents

Male Mii- Blue body, White stripes & fenders, Golden exhaust-system, Yellow headlamps, Turquoise seat-accents

Female Mii- White body, Pink stripes & fenders, Silver exhaust-system, Salmon headlamps, White seat-accents



  • The Wild Wing moves its wings when it is boosted, with nitrous coming from its exhaust pipes.
  • When Mario or Luigi ride the Wild Wing, it can surpass the weight of all large bikes (except for the Wario Bike) and the Jetsetter, a large kart.
  • Also, if Daisy rides the Wild Wing, its top speed will exceed the Flame Runner's default top speed by one point.
  • The Wild Wing, Mini Beast, and the Flame Flyer all share the same engine-sound, but the tone changes in size classes. (Flame Flyer= lower engine, Wild Wing= average engine, Mini Beast= higher engine)
  • The Wild Wing rear light resembles Toyota Supra Mark IV's rear lights.
  • Daisy in the Wild Wing, is the most used Kart-Combination for medium-weights.