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Vanilla Lake 1 is the third track in the Star Cup in Super Mario Kart. Its notable features include a large area of opened ice where racers can fall into and ice blocks that can get in the racer's way.

This track returns in Mario Kart: Super Circuit with the pipes removed.


The track is essentially a circle trapped inside a square and instead of grassy areas lining the road to slow you down there is instead thick snow. A large group of Item Blocks lays right past the first turn, prepping the Item mayhem right off the bat. There are also pipes that serve as obstacles, but the main problem you'll probably run into is the large buildup of ice blocks that cancel out all Acceleration and can even bounce you back.


Vanilla Lake 1 (Lakitu)

Lakitu begins the race at Vanilla Lake 1.

Although there's nothing to large, there are a few patches of snow that can be cut by using a Mushroom or Starman.


  • This is the precursor of the much harder Vanilla Lake 2.
  • This course has not appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.


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