The Vacuum Star is one of Luigi's karts available in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. Design for the vehicle is based off a vacuum cleaner. But not just any vacuum cleaner, but a ghost-hunting one from the Luigi's Mansion series. A Kart Called The Poltergeist 4000 In Mario Kart DS, might have been the inspiration of this kart In The Arcade Exclusive Mario Kart Arcade DX GP, Only released In Japanese arcade machines.

Stats increases are a little on the downside for the Vacuum Star. It's only perk is good handling, which isn't always the most important...


Ice Luigi (Vacuum Star) (3)

Ice Luigi goes beast mode with a nice Drift in the Vacuum Star.

Basically a house appliance, the Vacuum Star consist of a small little cabin with wheels with a hose connected to it in the front. The nozzle itself has a chrome and blue finish and expands widely on the end. A metal tube curls upwards and is attached to the hood of the kart, which is light green. Below it is a blue (green and blue are Luigi's colors, so that's the backstory behind that) bumper, a black grille, and two headlights. Small dark tires are on either side of the Vacuum Star, and just above those are ventilation holes. The sides of the kart can barely be seen because the tires are so fuckin' huge. A silver and green hubcap covers the axel. In the back, the blue seat extends quite a bit above the driver's head and boasts the driver's logo. In the VERY back, a blue circular panel acts a turbo, and red lights make sure no one rams it. But it's Mario Kart.

Color Schemes

Tanooki Mario (Vacuum Star Type X)

Tanooki Mario choosing the Type X variant.

Using a DLC card will open up new kart color schemes. They don't increase stats or anything cool like that, but still. Here are all 3 of the color options.
  • The normal one, blue and green. It matches Luigi's clothes.
  • Red and light blue is the second option, which goes along with Mario more.
  • "Type X" Vacuum Star, with a caramel body and silver hood.


Speed and acceleration racers might be a little let down by the Vacuum Star. The only upside is handling, and also the option of ensnaring ghosts.

Stat Name Stat Value
Acceleration +0
Speed +0
Handling +1


Luigi (Poltergust 4000)

Luigi controlling the original Vacuum Star.

  • Players of Mario Kart DS will recognize a few characteristics of this kart. That's because, in that game, Luigi also had ANOTHER vacuum vehicle, the Poltergust 4000. Both look very similar in design.
    • In addition, the second color scheme is red and blue, the colors of the Poltergust 4000.