what would you change in mario kart 7? i have lot's!!!

note:these are not in a order

  • i would add in 1 player vs mode

  • i would make the blue shell come less

  • i would add in some more chrector's. the chrector's are
dry bones,  toadette,  funky kong, 

and dry bowser.

  • i would make you get more vr for winning.(but keep it the same for loseing :))

  • i would add another new battle and a new retro.(delfino plaza)

  • i would make the blue shell make you fly in the air and not roll you to the side.

  • i would add in more hang glider's

i would add the stand still mini-turbo

  • i would add in the bikes.

  • i would make the computor's not be a pro

  • i would make the secret item box in dk pass give you star's more often.

  • i would make triple mushroom's come less.
  • i would let you see the world records

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