here is a joke quiz (still try to answer)

1.what chrecter dosen't go inside becuse of flower's?

2.what chrecercter's make you lose vr?

3.what course makes you get bored at shopping?

4.what cause's bad weather?

5.what DID i want in mario kart 7 (other then a better Wi-Fi)

6.what chrecter is too orignal?

7.what vechile has time trial on it?

8.why is the quacker called "quacker"

9.what loves cookie land loves mr. bean (in mario kart wii not that other mr. bean) and drain's your vr?

10.who has a truthful name in mario kart wii Wi-Fi?

11.who change's from one to another in mario kart wii Wi-Fi

don't forget this is a joke quiz but say your answer's!!!

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