here is a real mario kart quiz

1.does the arcade mario kart's have 100 or more item's?

2.what is the most used combination in mario kart wii and 7.

3.what is snaking?

4.what is a cpu?

5.who is the skinnyest chrector? 

6.what is the stand still mini-turbo?

7.what is good on the red monster's in m ario kart 7 and what is bad?

8.can you move your glider up and down? do you wheelie on the wii wheel?

10.what is maka wuhu? (here's a tip the track is called maka wuhu in amrica for a reason thus i don't mean the track.

11.who is sword?

12.what mario kart is on the gamecube?

13.why are bikes mopre commen then bikes?

more soon!!!

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