Mario Kart 7 Wi-Fi is broken or something!!!!!!tonight i went on Wi-Fi and did GREAT on a coin battle.of couse i get riped off on the next battle and the battle after that i shold of done great on.but no they don't have any skill at all and need to hit you to get coin's. then i go on race Wi-Fi.these peaple seem as good as i am with vr.we go to a big ripoff couse,waluigi pinball.imedditely i notice they are good as they use red monster wheel's.i go on the portal in 6th when they zoom ahead of you despite having worse speed and mini-turbo then me and then i get in LAST place.the game gives me golden mushroom's as i'm jumping on the first boost pad other then the one's on the turn while everyone's at the place where it really is like i get there everyone else is on the portal can this get any worse? MORE golden muchroom's!! one lap later i FINALLY get a bullet bill when just as it end's 7th place hit's you with a star and makes you fall off.NOW as i go on the turn before the pinball part everyone exept 7th has i wonder what happened you get 7th ONLY because someone disconncted and i notice every one has 2 stars when i don't even have roslina or metal i go to different peaple.then i go to maple treeway.the peaple there have 3 stars now!!!!!!! so yeah the game can't look at stars or progess and messes up as these are pro's as good as yeah complety messed up.i'm expecting better match-up's in the next mario kart.

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