i have just created my own comunity in mario kart 7!if you play mario kart 7 go to cummnity's press search by code and type in 34149299672417.and play!!!    it is called red monster's because i love those wheel's and peaple at mario kart forum's hate them.feel free to tell me your comunity if you make is how.

Go to the online multiplayer option. Select Communities Click on Create Community * Select an icon for your community Enter the name of your community (You can create up to eight communities) Choose the game style: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc or Mirror Race, Coin Runners, or Balloon Battle. Choose the items you would like to play with: all items, shells only, bananas only, etc. Enter a message to share with your community. Share the code (you will receive it after you create the community) with friends, family, or the world.i really dunno how to share it though :(             

so i need to tell you guys

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