So anyways guys i got so many expert staff ghosts! i also got the spear! but i am so freaked out.why? well lemme tell you!

on every black screen a mark that seems like it's on the tv comes up BUT i don't see it at all anywhere else.on one track i also see words when there are no words that should be on the game but i faintly see words.and i see a boot on the bottom left corner when no boot should be on the screen but it's there on like half the courses.

now the most freakist thing is this:on n64 bowser's castle,the mark won't appear,the boot is there,AND an item roulette is faintly there BUT i used all my mushrooms! and in it was a ghost.the words wren't there but a ghost was wasn't even a boo either though,it looked like a green ghost from luigi's mansion dark moon but slightely diffrent.please tel;l me what you think of this and tell me if you see any of these.

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