Army 1
Army 2

The two pictures to the right show the Girl Villager AKA Jacqueline (because she's the Villager's partner and the Villager who is only in a few episodes in SMG4 has a sister named Jacqueline who appeared in 2014-2015 episodes but will reappear in late 2017. See here for more info). That right there is her army of friends and they formed an alliance and are going from Mount Wario to Outback Steakhouse (at Sunshine Isle to eat some Ribs, Chicken Fingers, Fries, Coke, Burger, Ice Cream, Milk, Coffee, etc.



Biddybuggy + Standard + Super Glider

Dry Bones

Steel Driver + Metal + Parafoil

Dry Bowser

Standard ATV + Monster + Super Glider


Comet + Slim + Super Glider


Sports Coupe + Standard + Super Glider

Shy Guy

Flame Rider + Off-Road + Super Glider

Roy Koopa

Landship + Wood + Super Glider


Mr. Scooty + Standard + Super Glider


Bounder + Standard + Super Glider


On top of all the people that were with Jacqueline, 3 racers weren't they were me as Bowser Jr., Peach, and Larry. Peach and Larry were leading the pack (at the time because you know I won) and I was sticking at the Plane section of Mount Wario just to get back in the race, get two good items like a Bullet Bill or a Star and then use them when I am in 1st to get SUPER far ahead. I got a star and a Triple Mushroom and showed Peach whats what.

Bowser Jr. (me)

City Tripper + Hot Monster + Super Glider


Prancer + Wood + Peach Parasol


Koopa Clown + Standard + Super Glider


Feel free to comment on this blog all you like but please no mean comments that insult me, another user, or this blog or I will just delete it thank you.

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