The Gatling Pea

aka Freddy Fazbear

  • I live in in your closet (just kidding, in freddy's pizzaria, my name is: 【༺ჯ༻】:恐怖)
  • My occupation is Jumpscaring People
  • I am Male, duh
  • The Gatling Pea

    Returning Characters:

    Parakoopa (first time since MK:DD)

    Funky Kong (still has speed boost of 4 and new drift boost of 3)

    Other characters from different series.


    All koopalings

    New Characters:

    Boo (No, not king boo)

    Big Boo

    New Items:

    Cape (first time since Super Mario Kart, slows down fall and also used to whack drivers)

    Mega Mushroom (first time since Mario Kart Wii)

    Barrels (knocks up to 12 people but may miss some)

    Quadruple Shells (you know what they do)

    Hammers (can only be used once like shells, can hit up to 2 people)

    Retro Mushroom (turns everything into 8-bit, slows down other drivers)

    Quadruple Mushrooms (only availible on time trials)

    Bones (Only usable by dry variants of characters)

    Returning Items:



    Super Horn

    all other stuff


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