I always see these Mario Kart Roster that always have like...40 characters. Here is my list of who I think should be in it and why:


Toad. Obviosuly, he is a main character and is adorable!!

Koopa. He is also another awesome villain who is very cute.

Toadette. She isn't really a main character, but she is very entertaining and is very fun to race with.

Dry Bones. He is also in a lot of Mario games and is very awesome.

Shy Guy (unlockable). My second favorite charcter. I love the noises he makes!!

Pionpi. (unlockable) He is creepy and cool...

Toadsworth (unlockable- He is so cool!!!

Boswer Jr. (unlockable)- He is very furstrating sometimes, but otherwise he is a great character.


Mario. Not really a main character, but I wanted him to be in this game because he really isn't in that many...

Luigi. A main character, very awesome.

Peach. Without Peach, Mario games wouldn't really exist.

Yoshi. One of the awesomest characters, also a main character.

Daisy. (unlockable) Daisy is very unique and I think she is a great character. Plus, there are not very many famales and she is also somewhat of a main character.

Birdo. (unlockable) Once again, I love the sounds she makes.

Dry Yoshi (unlockable)- Tbh, that would be the awesomest thing ever.

Kamek. (unlockable) Another very interesting character, and another new one to add to the list.


Bowser. A very minor villain, it's hard to explain why I chose Bowser.

Donkey Kong. DK is one of my favorite characters, also in a lot of games.

Wario. A very mischevious person..

Waluigi. Another very mischevious person.

King Boo. (unlockable) My favorite character!!!!!!!!!!

Honey Queen (unlockable) Honey Queen is my love, don't judge :3

Roaslina (unloackable) I like Rosalina and she is appearing more and more.

Fiery Dino (unlockable) Originally Fiery Dino Piranha, but to be honest that is shorter. Anyway, Fiery Dino is one of the best characters ever and needs to make an appearance!

How to unlock:

Birdo-Get one fast staff ghost

Daisy-Win 50cc Star Cup

Dry Yoshi-Get at least one star rank on every cup

Honey Queen-Get 24 fast staff ghosts

Kamek-Win Mirror Mode Special Cup

King Boo-Win 50cc Lightning Cup

Pionpi-Get all of the fast staff ghosts

Shy Guy-Do one time trial

Toadsworth-Win 150cc Special Cup

Boswer Jr.-Win 100cc Leaf Cup

Rosalina-Get a star rank on all of the 50cc cups

Fiery Dino-Never lose a balloon on a balloon battle 5 times. (balloon battles are harder this time :3)

Please comment on what you think!!!

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