these are my dream tracks. Based off of my last blog about my dream characters, I will say who owns them.

Mushroom Cup

Pirahna Pathway (Koopa Troopa)

Boo Manor (King Boo)

Lobster Beach (Peach)

Egg Avenue (Birdo)

Flower Cup

Sunset Hill (Daisy)

Mario Circuit (Mario)

Toad's Hut (Toadsworth)

Bee Village (Honey Queen)

Star Cup

Moonlight Carnival (Wario)

Goomba Temple (Paragoomba)

Icy Forest (Donkey Kong)

Bowser Jr. Castle (Bowser)

Special Cup

Mushroom Spiral (Toadette)

Oakleaf Mountain (Donkey Kong)

Boswer's Castle (Bowser)

Rainbow Road (Mario)

De retro cups'll be later :3

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