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    Favorite MKDS tracks

    September 21, 2013 by Star Solister
    The Mario Kart DS track competition is under way!

    Tired of new-fangled kart parts? Wish you could just go back to a time when everything was centralized around four to five karts? Well, look no further than Mario Kart DS, the most technical game in the series (with the snaking mechanics.) I know a lot of you love this game for its innovations, like Wi-Fi, so I've decided to extend track competitions to Mario Kart DS as well!

    • This tournament will be operated differently than the ones for Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7. The former was a single-elimination basic bracket, and the latter was a death-pool-then-double-elimination tournament, but this one will be held a little differently...
    • The Single-Elimination Beginning - Like in the MK7 tracks tourname…

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  • Star Solister
    And the winner is...

    • 1st place - Rainbow Road
    • 2nd place - Maka Wuhu
    • 3rd place - Wii Koopa Cape
    • 4th place - Wii Maple Treeway
    • 5th place - Wuhu Loop & N64 Koopa Beach
    • 7th place - Rock Rock Mountain & SNES Rainbow Road
    • 9th place - GCN Dino Dino Jungle, GCN Daisy Cruiser, Piranha Plant Slide, Mario Circuit
    • 13th place - Neo Bowser City, Daisy Hills, DK Jungle, Bowser's Castle
    • 17th place - All other tracks

    Winner of each match will advance and be randomly matched up in Round 2. Losers are eliminated permanently. I will eliminate tracks after they have gotten a majority vote from 8 or 9 people.

    • Maka Wuhu (8) > GBA Bowser Castle 1 (0)
    • N64 Kalimari Desert (3) < Daisy Hills (5)
    • Piranha Plant Slide (6) > Shy Guy Bazaar (2)
    • Wii Mushroom Gorge (5) = DK Jung…

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    IRC shenanigans

    July 27, 2013 by Star Solister

    So I've been thinking of setting up an IRC (so people can discuss Mario Kart on real-time chat, even if they don't have a Wikia account.) What do you guys think?

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    Track browser

    July 5, 2013 by Star Solister

    So the old one was really ugly and I tweaked it to be less ugly (mostly by the use of dark sky blue instead of solid red, and not bolding everything,) but it still looks pretty unprofessional.

    Any ideas about what we can do to make it look better, or do you guys think it's fine as is?

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  • Star Solister

    since I suck at making table templates

    If any gifted people out there can make one for karts (since thumbnails only looks very unprofessional) we'd really appreciate it

    Also we need a stats table that shows a bar graph

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