I have to say, Mario Kart 8 his definitely taken the world by storm with their awesome new footage of the latest DLC. The characters are great ( LOVE Dry Bowser's fiery finish) and the tracks and courses are some of the best we've seen. Don't get me started on the graphics and detail.

But what could Nintendo possibly do to make Mario Kart 8 better? The game itself is almost perfect apart from just a few nitty gritty parts. I would say some of the only things Nintendo could do to make it better would be ,obviously, the battle mode. Include several battle arenas (maybe 4-6) and maybe include 2-4 second roster characters (Diddy, Birdo etc.) instead of wasted slots like the Mario and Peach clones.

And that , my friends, would make the impossible-to-beat Mario kart game for me. 

What else do you guys want to see in order to complete this game for you?

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