These are the retro tracks I want in Mario Kart 9.

Shell Cup:

  • GBA Broken Pier
  • Wii U Toad Harbour
  • 3DS Wuhu Island Loop
  • SNES Choco Island 1

Banana Cup

  • GBA Ribbon Road
  • Wii DK's Snowboard Cross
  • Wii U Electrodrome
  • N64 Wario Stadium

Leaf Cup

  • SNES Vanilla Lake 2
  • Wii U Bone Dry Dunes
  • GCN Wario Colosseum
  • GBA Sunset Wilds

Lightning Cup

  • Wii Toad's Factory
  • GCN Mushroom City
  • SNES Ghost Valley 3
  • GBA Rainbow Road

Hope you like my ideas. Tell me which tracks you would like to see and which ones on my list you agree with.

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