Egg cup

- DS Figure-8 Circuit

- SNES Mario Circuit 4

- GCN Yoshi Circuit (Confirmed)

-Wii Wario's Gold Mine (Confirmed)

Super Bell cup

- GCN Baby Park

- 3DS Alpine Pass / Rock Rock Mountain

- SNES Vanilla Lake 1

- GBA Bowser Castle 4

This works out to:

SNES - 3

N64 - 4

GBA - 2

GCN - 4

DS - 4

WII - 3

3DS - 4

Let me know your opinions in the comments =)

P.S. There has been a mixup on the menu of mario kart 8 of course selection where the egg cup is on the nitro row, when GCN Yoshi Circuit (a retro) has been confirmed for that cup. Although, I think Nintendo are going to change that in the final pack 1 release because if you look at the contents page when looking through the Shop on the Mario Kart 8 game, the triforce is on the top with 4 squares next to it and the yoshi egg is on the bottom with another 4 squares next to it, another example would be how on if you go into the dlc section it shows the triforce icon horizontally before the egg cup.

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