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    After DLC Pack 1 and 2

    February 8, 2015 by MichaelRule1

    I had an idea last night and thought about it and it would make sense. I was watching Gamexplain's Mario Party 10 Discussion and at one part they tlked about Spike being a character because of the background he has which is similar to all other playable characters.

    So I think in a future DLC pack there are going to be three characters available which are:


    Bowser Jr


    Obviously I don't know the tracks and vehicles but I think this will make a pretty unique DLC pack like the rest.

    Also, I do hope they bring a DLC pack with Mario Kart veterans such as:

    Diddy Kong

    Bowser Jr


    Dry Bones

    King Boo

    Petey Piranha

    I also hope they bring in some new characters, which were fake leaked early on after the game was released, which were:

    Professor E Gadd …

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  • MichaelRule1

    Now this is just a theory, but I just looked up ExciteBike on Wikipedia and on there it says it released on November 30th 1984.

    This possibly tells us that the DLC will be releasing on November 30th because that is when ExciteBike has its 30th Anniversary.

    This explains why there is an all the sudden referance to ExciteBike as there has hardly been any notice towards it before.

    This is not confirmed it is just a theory but it has been confirmed on the Nintendo Wii U E-shop that the DLC will be coming out at the end of November.

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    Mario Kart 8 DLC Poll

    October 27, 2014 by MichaelRule1

    So, we already have Dry Dry Desert and Sherbet Land in the game, and Yoshi Circuit confirmed for DLC. So if they were to add another GCN track for May's DLC, which one of these two would you like to see remade with the live music and wacky anti-gravity in all its glory?

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    Egg cup

    - DS Figure-8 Circuit

    - SNES Mario Circuit 4

    - GCN Yoshi Circuit (Confirmed)

    -Wii Wario's Gold Mine (Confirmed)

    Super Bell cup

    - GCN Baby Park

    - 3DS Alpine Pass / Rock Rock Mountain

    - SNES Vanilla Lake 1

    - GBA Bowser Castle 4

    This works out to:

    SNES - 3

    N64 - 4

    GBA - 2

    GCN - 4

    DS - 4

    WII - 3

    3DS - 4

    Let me know your opinions in the comments =)

    P.S. There has been a mixup on the menu of mario kart 8 of course selection where the egg cup is on the nitro row, when GCN Yoshi Circuit (a retro) has been confirmed for that cup. Although, I think Nintendo are going to change that in the final pack 1 release because if you look at the contents page when looking through the Shop on the Mario Kart 8 game, the triforce is on the top with 4 squares next to it and…

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    3 Stars in MK8 online

    September 9, 2014 by MichaelRule1

    So I was thinking, earlier on when I first got the game, I wa swondering why haven't I got 3 stars next to my name online (which usually happens when u get 3 stars on everything). I just realised why. Maybe Nintendo knew early on that they were going to implement more tracks as DLC, and when we get 3 stars on the dlc cups, we will be able to have 3 stars next to our name then! I was thinking about this for a few days lol

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