New tournament thingy. Nominate up to 3 new characters that you want to see in Mario Kart 8. When we have 24 total new characters in the nomination list, we will do a voting round. Then, we will see which newcomers will come to our future Mario Kart 8 roster.


  1. Kamek
  2. Luma
  3. Toadsworth
  4. Plessie
  5. Magikoopa
  6. Boom Boom
  7. Boo
  8. Geno
  9. Smithy
  10. Koopa Kid
  11. Queen Bean
  12. Fawful
  13. Antasma
  14. Lubba
  15. Blooper
  16. Dixie Kong
  17. Red Koopa
  18. Popple
  19. Shadow Mario
  20. Hammer Bro.
  21. E. Gadd
  22. Kritter
  23. Candy Kong
  24. Kludge

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