So I downloaded it this morning and I'd have to say it's so great.

Where do I even begin? Alright, so we have three characters to play as - Villager, Isabelle, and Dry Bowser, although it's technically four because we have the female Villager option. The only ones I haven't tried out are Isabelle and the female Villager. Dry Bowser's pretty great to race as, and I like the option to choose as the two Villagers. If it were up to me, I'd cut Isabelle, though, and replace her with probably either Diddy Kong or Bowser Jr. In conclusion, I give the characters 9.5/10.

The kart parts were pretty great, too. The only one I tried was the P-Wing, which is extremely fast, as its name suggests, and the others seem pretty cool, as well. 9/10

The courses - when I first saw the Cheese Land trailer I was like holy shit. It just looks so amazing and better than last time. In Super Circuit, it was completely flat, and now we have this amazing desert-looking track complete with a bunch of cheese craters, canyons, etc. and some nice gliding spots. I liked the Baby Park remake - it's pretty cool but the only complaint I have is that the blue/pink section divider of the track is along the middle and not horizontally.

Neo Bowser City looks great too, even though they changed almost nothing, and Ribbon Road just looks so awesome. Reminds me of Toy Time Galaxy a lot with all the background stuff. The anti-gravity bit in the middle is fun to play, and I like the gliding shortcuts. The second one is almost impossible to use in 200cc, though.

Wild Woods is a fun new track and probably my favorite one of the new bunch. It's just so creative and filled with a lot of fun elements. Same with Super Bell Subway - it's again, very creative and reminds one of Coconut Mall a little. My dad even was like "hey, is that Coconut Mall?" when I was playing the new DLC. Animal Crossing is a nice track as well, although I think the season changes should go in order. In four races on it, I got spring and summer twice each. And Big Blue is so amazing - so much better than Mute City. I rate the tracks a perfect 10/10.

Overall, the rating comes to 9.5/10.

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