The Title says it all. here are the top 5 worst mario kart characters. (In my opinion.)

5. Waluigi.

MK8 Waluigi Icon


It might just be me, but Waluigi in Mario Kart Wii is just ANNOYING. In nearly every race, he hits me with a red shell or Knocks me off the track. This isn't a demolition derby, Waluigi.

4. Honey Queen.

She wan't even a major character in Mario Galaxy. The only thing she let you do is crawl all over her. Which is quite creepy for me. but I can't belive they replaced Toadette over Honey queen.


...I got nothing.

3 .Metal Mario.

I actually love playing as Metal Mario. he's one of my favorite characters. But the only thing I have against him is that, He's Mario but in his metal form! Mario and Metal Mario are one person. But I could be Wrong. He could be a robot Mario made out of pure metal. So That's that.

MK8 MetalMario

I feel bad for putting him on the list.

2.  Donkey Kong.Jr.

I guess he's kinda good...

I don't even undrstand why they would put his son insted of the regular "DK."

1. Annnnd the worst racer is (In my opinion!) Is..........

W A R I O.

MK8 Wario Icon

Butt chin. Hehehehe.

He Annoys me SO MUCH. I usally play as A lightweight. what does Wario do? bumps into me. And my favorite course is Mushroom Gorge. So when I'm bouncing on the mushroom, He bumps into me, And they wait until I'm in 7th place and put me back on the track. He's basically my rival in Mario Kart. So he will always be hated bye me :P.

So there where the Top 5 WORST Mario Kart racers. (In my Opinion.)

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