Ok, since I've done top 5 WORST, I though "Why not."

5. Mii 

Haven't you ever wanted to include Sonic, Ronald McDonald, or even yourself? Well, now you can! You can create a mii and bam! Your soon beatting the crap out of Wario.

MK8 Mii

4. King Boo

King boo is one of my sisiter's favorites. his stats are also pretty good.



No One can even turn down the Hero! Mario had to be included. He's the main racer and he will always be.


2. Toad and Toadette.

These 2 adorable kids(or at least I think there kids.) Have been one of the most speediest, best handling and drifters in mario kart. but watch out, On bump can send them flying off the track!

Toad y Toadette (mkdd)

Annnnnnd the best one in my opinion is....


Peach - Mario Kart Wii

She has been my favorite character ever since super mario kart! She can slice through you if you try to pass her. shes really skilled on a kart And a bike! It also feels like she built up confidence as she continued racing. see look:

MK64 Princess Peach


Peach (Mario Kart 8)


Agree with my list? Tell me which are your favorite racers in the comments.

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