I hate how this Mariz627 guy goes around making tiny little edits like adding an article to a category, and then he gets the damn Lucky 7 badge. I mean, here I am, doing a whole new paragraph to articles, working my ass off, and what do I get? just those tiny little bronze badges. Yay. That pisses me off, but oh well, what am I gonna do? I guess just I'll rap a little.

Hi, My name's BananasAreAnnoying, my edits are extremely boring, so boring that they make other users start snoring all night, even through the morning. Sorry if you don't like them categories I add, the sad story is they're bad, and just a tad more clad in bad that make little kids sad, I'm overlooked in the middle, bit mad that wit's... well, that's all I got. hope you enjoyed.

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