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  • BananasAreAnnoying

    Took out a loan of about $100 bucks from my brother and got myself a 2DS with Mario Kart 7 downloaded on it... been waiting 10 years for this, which is a long wait considering it came out 2011.

    But yeah, anyways, it's basically a combo of Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii, which I don't mind at all! (they are my favorite two) ,with a few great features of its own. Graphics are pretty significant, even without my 3D capabilities thanks to my cheap ways of buying the low price-2DS.

    Retro tracks are on point unlike Mario Kart 8... Mario Kart 7 should be more popular than it is... buy it, quickly.

    now I gotta get Double Dash!!... *sigh*

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  • BananasAreAnnoying

    Revamp number 2

    November 13, 2015 by BananasAreAnnoying

    A while back Lumoshi did a campaign on this wiki to make it better- more info, organization, formats, stuff like that. It was a pretty big success.

    He's been a little inactive, and the reconstruction kind of died down... Introducing Revamp 2, starting 11/13/15, which will pretty much finish up what he started. Feel free to help.

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  • BananasAreAnnoying

    Lately me and Doctor98 have been creating Mario Kart Arcade GP pages about tracks, items and cups. there's a shitload of pages that still need to be added, and that means a lot of work. The ones I've created, I've just used the construction template and gave a little description, cause I really don't feel like working on them.

    with that being said, I think we should be making more edits on the arcade game pages, because 1. We got nothing better to do, 2- Somebody who's looking for a specific Arcade GP track won't find anything and be disappointed at our wiki.

    So i'm just asking for more edits on those pages (and new pages). Get to work.

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  • BananasAreAnnoying

    Attention! Attention! If you wanna play the first Mario Kart game ever, Super Mario Kart, usually you hafta buy a whole new Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the game which would cost about $400 dollars. Yeah. Expensive.

    But if you don't got that kinda money, then click on the link below! It's pretty much exactly the same as the original, and it's even two player! Not to mention its a pretty good game, considering it was from '92. But anyways, if you are a Mario Kart fan, want to play the first game, and have a balance of $0.00, be sure to click on the link below! [1]

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  • BananasAreAnnoying

    Got to play Mario Kart 7 today, my friend Santiago let me race a little on Toad Circuit and Sherbet Rink, I have to say, its pretty OK, I like the new Items and the Gliders, damn, now I wanna buy a Nintendo 3DS, but I'm f***in' broke!

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