Baby Mario vs. Baby Peach!


Baby Mario:

  • Oh it's time for Baby Mario, it's time to kick your butt!
  • You got something on your brain, it's turned to mush!
  • I'm a legend, you're a fakie! I never seen a blakie!
  • I got three rare badges, you have no pageants!
  • I'll drive my car to your road and then squash you, and make a new kart!
  • I'm the A-list, you're the lamest, kiss my butt, Peachy!

Baby Peach:

  • Oh let's be nice, I was the one to become a princess!
  • I'll serve you like a cake, man I have strong muscles!
  • Your ancestor was a fat plumber, how did you bummer?
  • I have a gold crown, you have a bad, moldy cap!
  • I'm the best baby around, I'll stick a Toad up your booty,
  • and make you dinner forever!

Baby Mario:

  • I was first introduced in Yoshi's Island, and that wasn't bad,
  • because you're a stupid baby, you never existed!
  • I'm the baby of plumbing, you're a infant mess!
  • And I'll call Shibui to whoop your big fat butt!

Baby Peach:

  • You're older than I am, but you see me like this,
  • I'll beat you faster than a Time Trial, no wonder!
  • Your career has come to an end, You can't mend,
  • Go suck your pop and run to your mushroom house!
Who Won?

The poll was created at 01:36 on July 8, 2017, and so far 2 people voted.

Request for the next rap battle!

Sorry only me has commented. x_x

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