The Ultra Leon is a premium kart available to racers in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. This vehicle is designed to look like a lion, maybe to give it that predatory edge.

To unlock this DLC kart, a Mario Card is needed... the reason the Ultra Leon is hard to acquire might be because of its acceleration, which are the best in the whole game.


Mario (Ultra Leon) (2)

Ooh, that drift. Sexy, and even more sexy with those fan extensions...

A perfect adjective to describe the Ultra Leon would be "lionesque" (having the characteristics of a lion...reliable source of Merriam Webster![1]). The hood of the kart is golden in color, and a black engine above it represents the nose. Three dots on either side simulate where whiskers would protrude from, and below this is the grated grille. Two side panels line either side, and teeth-like extensions extend from the bumper. The ire guards are also that crisp yellow gold that is just so desirable, and mirror extensions project out of them. The windshield is designed to look like a lion's eyes, with yellow paneling on top. The back of the Ultra Leon has bars stretching across the side of it (which are also yellow), and the back has a well-rounded trunk with red headlights underneath it. The logo of the driver can be found on the bumper as well.


The majority of karts and bikes in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX have +1 bonuses to certain stats, but the Ultra Leon is a rarity: it's two 1-ups are placed BOTH in acceleration, making enemy Items not to big of a problem anymore.

Stat Name Stat Value
Acceleration +2
Speed +0
Handling +0


Chester Cheetah

Slight resemblance, maybe? That might be copyrighted...

  • Leon, translated in Greek to λέων, means "lion" in English. That should be super obvious, though.
  • Kart stat cards customarily have blue backgrounds in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. But the Ultra Leon, because it's available only through download, has a unique yellow background.
  • Chester Cheetah, the mascot for Cheetos<tiny>TM</tiny> brand chips, looks really similar to the Ultra Leon, even if he's a cheetah and the kart is a lion. That's some good conspiracy theorist trivia.


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