The Tri-Speeder is an unlockable kart in Mario Kart 8.

It is a three-wheeled kart that is painted green and sports an open engine from the front facing northeast, and two pistons in the shape of mushrooms.

It gives an advantage in weight & traction, but a disadvantage in acceleration & handling. It shares its stats with the Badwagon, Steel Driver, Standard ATV, and GLA.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 0
Acceleration -0.5
Weight +0.5
Handling -0.5
Traction +0.5


  • This is the only non-DLC kart body in the game to not be raised above the Monster, Hot Monster, and Cushion tires.
  • This is one of two vehicles in the game to have only three wheels, with the other vehicle being the Bone Rattler.
  • This is one of two vehicles in the game to have mushroom pistons, the other being the Flame Rider.

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