Trampoline Mushrooms are common features in Mario Kart Wii's Mushroom Gorge. They also appear in two competitions (if you don't count the reverse Time Trials on Mushroom Gorge); July 2009 Competition 2 and April 2010 Competition 1. They also make a retro appearance on two tracks (not counting retro) in Mario Kart 7.



A panoramic view containing two red mushrooms and one green one.

There are Red and Green Trampoline Mushrooms: the red ones are bouncy (drivers can do Aerial tricks on them), and the slightly bigger green ones are just green, round, Mushroom-shaped platforms. They are on large stalks above a bottomless pit in Mushroom Gorge. In the retro version of Mushroom Gorge in Mario Kart 7, a blue mushroom can be found, which will cause the player to open their glider.


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