Streetpass Tag

A Pro Defender as seen in Mario Kart 7.

In Mario Kart 7's Mario Kart Channel, you can view your title which is basically how well you play the game. You can also see other people's titles as long as they have their region shown, they will if you race against one of your Streetpass friends, their skill will always represent their title. Below is a list of all the titles and how they impact the Mii you race against. Your title can also change if you do another skill more often than your current title.

Title Meaning
Aerialist Skillful at using a Glider.
Aviator Stays in the air for as long as possible.
Banana Blitzer Only gets Bananas or Triple Bananas and can throw them in front of other racers accurately.
Bob-omb Ace Only gets Bob-ombs and is good at hitting other racers.
Boost Jumper Always attempts Tricks/Boosts on ramps mushrooms etc.
Comeback Kid (Comeback King in Europe) Good at getting back into 2nd or 1st from 7th or 8th by getting a good item and doing fairly well.
Dolphin Races very well underwater and always takes water paths when possible.
Drift Wizard Drifts a lot.
Major Swerver Does many Drifts even in straights.
Model Driver Stays on course, doesn't go off-road or run into hazards as well as other racers.
Pro Defender Only gets Bananas, Triple Bananas, Green Shells, Triple Green Shells, and Red Shells and never lets go of them.
Quick Starter Always performs Rocket Starts at the start of every race.
Rookie No special traits a novice driver (the starter title).
Rowdy Racer Rams into other racers very frequently.
Safe Driver Avoids hazards at all costs (occasionally goes off-road to take shortcuts (unlike Model Driver)).
Shell Shark Only gets Green Shells and Triple Green Shells and launches them at other racers with extreme accuracy.
Star Racer A very skilled racer who plays extremely well (despite the name it has nothing to do with getting Star Ranks).
Zig-Zagger Zig-Zags a lot (swerves left and right very often).