Super Minecraft World - Raccoon Leaf Artwork

The Super Leaf is an item, based off of the leaves from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 3D Land, that causes a tail to grow on the user's kart. It debuts in Mario Kart DS as the logo for the Leaf Cup and as an actual item in Mario Kart 7. Its main uses are to swat away stray items or weapons such as the Red Shell or fireballs from the Fire Flower, but it can also be used to trip other racers near the user or pick up coins.


  • This item, along with the Bullet Bill, shares the distinction of not immediately disappearing from the user's item icon box upon use; rather, it stays there until the item's effects wear off, which disallows the user to grab any other item while in play. This mechanic could be because the player uses the item button to swing the tail, which could cause problems if they were to get more items.

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