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Super Bell Subway is the third track of the Bell Cup in Mario Kart 8. The course is located in the Golden Bell, a subway station, going through both the station and the track.

This track is based on many of the world's famous subway systems and stations, including Grand Central Terminal and the Paris Métro.

The staff ghost kart setup for this track is a pink Shy Guy riding a City Tripper, with Slim tires and a Super Glider.


Mario Kart 8

The track starts out in a station, turning off to the left. After going in a circle, the player will pass through some gates, and run down a hallway, and into the train tracks. There's a fork in the road, allowing them to go left or right. Going on the left takes racers up, and over the tracks, taking them to a boost pad, and a jump. The right track takes the player alongside a train track and a train.

After this, there is another fork in the road, once again allowing the player to choose whether to go upwards or stay on the tracks, with the only difference being the main road stays on the left, while the right takes them upwards. Past this, they go up some stairs, and into a U-turn around a café. Racers then reach the starting point after this.


  • Throughout the underground sections of the course, a mushroom or a star can be used over gravel sections cutting off turns in the track.
  • At the final U-Turn going to the left, a shortcut can be performed through a grass patch next to the Golden Bell Fountain with a mushroom or a star.



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