The Streamliner is one of Luigi's three signature karts, along with the Poltergust 4000 and the Standard LG, featured in the game Mario Kart DS. It is a large blue racing kart with a white line down the middle of the design, with the player's logo in the front and on the sides. It is unlockable.

The Streamliner resembles the Jetsetter from Mario Kart Wii and the Blue Seven from Mario Kart 7. However, those karts are heavier and have different stat distributions.


Luigi's Streamliner is heavier than his other karts and gets better items, but has much less speed, acceleration, and handling. It has low drift, allowing for straightaway mini-turbos, but poorer mini-turbo quality, which makes snaking a bit difficult.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 6.5
Acceleration 7.1
Weight 7.0
Handling 6.9
Drift 2.9
Items 10.0

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