The Standard MR is Mario's standard Kart in Mario Kart DS. This is one of three karts Mario has in the game, the others being the B Dasher and the Shooting Star. It is an all-around kart with average stats on Speed, Acceleration, Weight, Handling, Drift, and Items stat. Oddly enough, if you wait long enough on the title screen, when it shows a race, Mario will always be racing with this kart.

It is colored red, like other things Mario has. The Standard Kart M replaces this kart in Mario Kart Wii and is also red.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 6.5
Acceleration 7.25
Weight 6.5
Handling 5.5
Drift 5.75
Items 6.75


  • Mario driving the Standard MR is the title screen for Mario Kart DS before the alternate title screen is unlocked.



A ripped model of Mario's standard kart

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