The Standard Bike M is a Bike available for Medium weight racers in Mario Kart Wii. With a basic motorbike appearance (like the small and large versions), it offers some pretty balanced stats; the Standard Bike M won't help or hurt you that much.

With the return of Bikes in Mario Kart 8, the Standard Bike is open to all characters (with a new design!), with slight differences in stats depending on the weight of the driver. For medium racers, it gives a slight boost in Handling.


Mario Kart Wii

The front steering handle of the Standard Bike M has two black grip handles with silver brake nobs underneath them. A rectangular plate is centered right on it (shows the driver's icon), and two metal cylinders extend down towards the front wheel axel, which holds a blue-black tire and gray rims. Directly above is a small wheel shield. Under the black cushioned seat is the Standard Bike M's engine and gears to make the thing drive and such... the sides of the motor are covered with plates painted with a stripe design. The back exhaust just out a little right above the second tire (which is exactly the same as the first), and it too is covered with a protective piece on its sides and top, which also displays the racer's insignia.

It's size is smaller than the Standard Bike L but bigger than the Standard Bike S. Depending on the character driving it, the bike can be an assortment of different colors.

Mario Kart 8

The newer edition of the Standard Bike M has a similar design to the Mario Kart Wii version, but it's a bit sleeker. The rectangular panel, wheel guard, engine plate, and exhaust guard are all connected into one piece now, with white trim around it and black handles finishing it off. The logo of the character is still on the front panel, but the back logos have been redirected to right in front of the black seat. The turbo on the back is now longer, thinner, and black with a yellow painted tip.

Like the original, its size is in the middle compared to other Standard Bikes, and its color varies on the user.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 43
Weight 37
Acceleration 43
Handling 43
Drift 48
Offroad 37
Mini-Turbo 43


Mario Standard Bike (Super Smah Bros.)

The Mario + Standard Bike trophy in Super Smash Bros.

  • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario + Standard Bike is an available trophy to collect in the game.
  • It is best known for being the Staff Ghost bike for GCN Mario Circuit (Mario, Nin★Miz).

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