A Scuttlebug is a dastardly little pest that first went up against Mario in Super Mario 64. These spider-like enemies are not that powerful, in this game, but in follow-ups such as New Super Mario Bros. and the sequel, Scuttlebugs can surprise attack via webbing.

Mario Kart Arcade GP DX introduces these insects as standard Item. Once latched onto a racer, they cover them in spider webs.



Mario (Scuttlebug)

Mario at the ready with a Scuttlebug. Gonna be in 5th, soon!

Once obtained from an Item Box, the player can equip the small bug to toss at an enemy racer up ahead (it's a Throw forward Item). A target will appear on the next racer up, and, after throwing, the Scuttlebug will land on the opponent. But that's not even the worst part... The critter will cover them in webs, slowing them down and blinding them temporarily.


Mario (Scuttlebug) (2)

2nd place? ALL RIGHT!.. (Notice Bowser tied up in webs farther back.

Unlike some of the Shell Items, Scuttlebugs cannot be deployed behind a vehicle for defensive measures. After all, its a living creature... would you really sacrifice it like that?.. Place behind Items are a better, well, really ONLY option for a shield. That basically means a Scuttlebug is good only for attacks.


Because of the inability to drag Items behind you constantly in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, there's just nothing you can do about an incoming Scuttlebug. Unless you happen to have a Super Star or another invincibility Item, you're about to be tangled with spider webs. So good luck.


Scuttlebug (Super Mario 64)

The straight-from-hell variant of the Scuttlebug (Super Mario 64.

  • The characteristics of the Scuttlebug have changed a lot since their debut in Super Mario 64. They were basically colored circles in that game.
    • It's funny though, speaking of their appearance...they look like beetles, have the coloration of a bee, and spin webs like spiders. On top of that, a ScuttlebugTM is a freakin' scooter brand. They need to check the name out.
  • In Korean, a Scuttlebug is known as a Banana Spider (호랑거미).