Royale is one of Peach's karts in Mario Kart DS, the others being the Standard PC and the Light Tripper. It resembles a pink-toned classic Rolls-Royce. A few staff ghosts use this kart as well.


Peach's Royale has fairly low top speed and handling but above-average acceleration and extremely high drift. Being Peach's large kart in this game, it has very high weight for a lightweight character and it has max stats for items.

Due to its max items stat and exceptionally sharp drifting, the Royale is a great choice for setting records on Baby Park, which utilizes a total of ten sharp turns.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed 4.1
Acceleration 6.9
Weight 6.6
Handling 4.3
Drift 9.5
Items 10.0

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