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Rosalina's Ice World is the second track of the Special Cup in Mario Kart 7. Covered with ice pillars and buildings from Super Mario Galaxy, Rosalina's first home course in Mario Kart is one of the more challenging maps in the game. Decreased tractions due to slippery ice, narrow passageways in a cave, and a couple of Penguins define this course quite nicely.

The ghost data for this track belongs to Rosalina, for obvious reasons.


Under construction, so don't worry.

The track begins by going through several tight curves of solid ice - the outer edges are curved upwards so much that players can drive perpendicular to the road, although a spin out is possible. After this dangerous part is over, the map opens up into a wide landscape with buildings and the large central dome from Super Mario Galaxy, too. The player has to drive on blocks of ice to traverse the lake, but falling in is also an option, as the underwater section has many Coins to gather (But look out for the penguins).

Rosalina's Ice World (Super Mario Wiki)

Rosalina's Ice World

After surfacing, players go through a cavern with icicles hanging from the ceiling all the way to the ground; crashing into one can make you lose a lot of speed. The cavern turn slightly right and then opens up into a chasm, where a few Boost Pads await the racers. After the cave, one last left turn leads to the starting point.


The course's shortcut is inside the ice cave, to the far right (far left in Mirror Mode). You will enter a narrow path lined up with 3 boost pads. However, there is nothing keeping you from falling over the edge, so the driver must be careful.

Mario Kart Trivia

  • This is the only Nitro Grand Prix course in Mario Kart 7 not to feature a glide pad.
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