A Rocky Wrench is an enemy in the Mario series. Similar to Monty Moles, they are moles that pop out of hiding spots. However, the specialized moles wear goggles and throw wrenches at their opponents. And they never seem to run out of them, either.

As far a Mario Kart, Rocky Wrenches are featured in one course, Airship Fortress for Mario Kart DS. On the main deck of this ship, there's about twenty holes in that they constantly pop in and out of. When they are ducking, they have a small petal plate over their heads, which can be driven over. If they come out while driving over them, you'll go flying. But if you just run smack into them, then you'll get spun out.

Rocky Wrenches appear once again in the Mario Kart 7 remake of Airship Fortress, with just some graphics changes.

Mission Mode

Mission 6-2 takes place onboard the deck, where Wario must take out 20 Rocky Wrenches with a Starman before the time limit. It can be a very irritating level that'll make you want to break your game; they make you look like a fool by constantly popping out and then ducking.


  • The Rocky Wrenches on Mario Kart don't throw any wrenches, which is a relief.

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