Rock Rock Mountain (known as Alpine Pass in Europe) is the final track in Flower Cup in Mario Kart 7. Taking place on a mountain with relentless flying boulders and annoying Swoopers, while glider panels send racers soaring into the sky, it's an intense race all the way through and a sight to behold. This track has not appeared in a recent Mario Kart game yet.


The track starts off with a right turn, with several pipes, and a ramp. Then, you enter a cave, and there are sunlight shining on the coins, telling you where they are. Then, when you get out of the cave, you go over a dash panel and a glider ramp, and some pipes even blow wind, floating you up into the air a little more. There are ramps below the area where you are gliding. Followed by another glider ramp, where you can go over or under the log. And at the end of the track, there is a LONG uphill, and having boulders as obstacles. Once you reach the final gliding area, you end the race.


You can cut of a tiny piece of the track by using the ramp at the beginning.

Before the uphill with the boulders, drift right and use a Mushroom to access a hidden ramp.


  • It is possible to go on a certain pipe by using the ramp. This does not require a Mushroom but you have to back up all the way as you can.
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A Mii in a glider section of the track.


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Rock Rock Mountain
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