Part plane, part kart, the Road Jetter is an intimidating vehicle available in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. It's heavily influenced by a Banzai Bill projectile like a few other karts in past Mario Kart games.

A healthy stat bonus of speed and acceleration propel the Road Jetter above 50% of the vehicles in the game (while also tying with most of the others).


Similar to how train-karts don't go on tracks and boat-karts just drive (although they can go underwater), the Road Jetter is a road-bound vehicle. Its even in the name... the nose of this "jet" is designed to look like a menacing Banzai Bill, complete with glaring eyes and jagged teeth painted on. Past the black hood is the cockpit and windshield. Silver joints on the sides conjoin wings, which are also black and have red-tipped chrome thrusters on them. A scarlet and yellow star design decorates each wing, and the tips raise up for some of that nice elevation. Behind the golden seat is the tail fin, which is also black and has a shiny gray piece of metal on it. Probably for nothing.


Long, straight courses with a bunch of Items flying around check out nicely with the Road Jetter. It's when the turns get wild that Handling just completely fails...

Stat Name Stat Value
Acceleration +1
Speed +1
Handling +0


MKDD Bullet Blaster

Another bullet-inspired kart, the Bullet Blaster.


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