Mr. Resetti is a bad-tempered mole in the Animal Crossing series. His job is to scold players for accidentally turning off the game without saving or resetting it. He is usually very abrasive about this subject... He also has a calmer brother named Don Resetti.

For that reason, Mr. Resetti makes cameos in other Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an annoying assist trophy. Similarly, he is a disruptive obstacle in the Mario Kart 8 track Animal Crossing.

Mario Kart 8

Resetti (2)

Villager's about to get some pay back by nailing Resetti with a Green Shell!

Mr. Resetti takes the role of the usual Monty Moles, digging underground with his pickaxe and popping out. Running into him will cause you to spin out, as expected. You can also hit him with a shell or smash into him with a Super Star. Give him what he deserves!

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