Red Monster is a large, red spinoff Wheel of the regular Monster tires. These unlockable Wheels almost exactly mimic its predecessor's stats, with excellent Speed and Off-Road perks. However, like most heavyweight vehicle parts, Red Monster wheels suffer from Acceleration and very harmful Handling. Its successor is the Hot Monster, a pair of tires that appeared in Mario Kart 8.


Wiggler (Piranha Plant Slide)

Wiggler drivin' through the dangerous tunnels of Piranha Plant Slide with Red Monster wheels.

Customizing your Kart with Red Monster wheels jacks up the height of the vehicle significantly, as they are almost double the height of other wheel choices. The tires have a high amount of traction, with small squares covering the width of the tire (the original Monster wheels have caved in crevices), which is an outstanding one foot long. Obviously, the whole tire is red in color. The Red Monster's rim consists of a small golden axel, which holds the red tires on by means of five silver bars. This also differs from the Monster tires, as they have a yellow hub cap over the axel.


  • Earn a unknown amount of Coins, as unlocking a certain vehicle part is randomized.


Stat Name Stat Value
Speed +0.75
Acceleration -0.5
Weight +0.75
Handling -1.25
Off-Road +1.25


  • The best Wheel Off-Road stat is a tie between Red Monster and Monster.
  • In fact, these two vehicle parts are alike in every stat except Acceleration and Weight; Red Monster offers a bit more Acceleration and is just a touch lighter. Monster tires off the opposite of these two statistics.

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