Red Fire - Artwork - Mario Kart Double Dash!!

The Red Fire

Red Fire is Mario's kart in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is classified as a balanced kart. If Mario is chosen as the player's first character, this is the default kart, unless a heavy character is the second character. This kart is considered to be the perfect choice for beginner player.


Red Fire is a medium sized kart. Mario's red M logo is located on the front of the kart and on the center of all four wheels. The colors alternate between red and blue, red being the dormant color in the same manner green is the dormant color on the Green Fire.


The Red Fire has average stats in every category.

Stat Name Stat Value
Speed Gold starGold starGold star
Weight Gold starGold starGold star
Acceleration Gold starGold starGold star
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