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Rainbow Road is -as usual- the final course of the Special Cup in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. But unlike all previous Rainbow Roads, which were set in deep space, this version of Rainbow Road is floating above a city (presumably Mushroom City). This setting idea wasn't reused until Mario Kart 8 with the re-edition of N64 Rainbow Road. This course is very difficult, sporting few railings and multiple speed boosts.


The course begins on a wavy but somehow straight road portion, that leads to two hairpin turns easily able to send the racers off the edge of the track. Follows a large 540-degree helix with many Boost Pads on it, spinning counter-clockwise and traveling upward. A pipe-like structure floats in the center of the spiral. Next comes a twisty road that leads to a turn left. Directly after the turn is completed, the racers are launched upward through a large pipe which drops them on a road with many more Boost Pads. This leads to another, but smaller 540-degree helix which takes the player back to the start/finish line.

Mario Kart Trivia

  • Sometimes shooting stars land on the track and become a Star.
  • This track appears to float over (presumably) Mushroom City in 1-player mode (or 2-player co-op mode), but uses the usual deep space setting with 2 or more players.
  • Many giant statues of items and are floating above. All of them are rainbow colored and are completely 3D.
  • A section of this track's theme includes a remix of the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart 64.
  • This is the first Rainbow Road of the series to be only partially guardrailed. Previous Rainbow Road versions either featured no guardrails (SNES and GBA versions) or had guardrails around the whole track (N64 version) .
  • In addition, Double Dash's All-Cup tour (a game mode on which every track in the game is raced in one circuit), does always feature Luigi Circuit first and Rainbow Road last, with the game's 14 other tracks selected in a random order in between.
  • This is the one of the two Rainbow Road tracks to not be featured in a later game as of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
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