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See Rainbow Road for a listing of all tracks with the same name.

Rainbow Road (Toad shocked by Thunder Cloud)

Toad shocked by a Lightning Cloud on Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is the final course in Mario Kart: Super Circuit (at least for the Super Circuit tracks). Its colorful demeanor hides its actual difficulty--the yellow edges bordering most of the track, seemingly walls, are actually jump pads which bounce any racer that touches them into the air. In the very beginning, Stars drop from clouds above, spinning out any racer on contact. Towards the end, there are many inconveniently placed boost pads as well; these boost pads usually point straight towards a jump pad in a direction that causes unsuspecting drivers to fall off. There is also a shortcut, where instead of following the main road, one can use the edge to bounce onto a very thin piece of track that is covered with boost pads. Along the last stretch of track, there is lightning clouds that can shock and shrink you down upon impact, exactly like the Lightning Item. After several jumps with boost pads and jump pads, the lap ends with a turn to the right, which has a lot of boost pads on the right side.

Although the jump pads are extremely unsafe, they have been the epitome of many insane shortcuts--any racer, with just a single Mushroom, can bounce from pad to pad and cut through half the course in seconds. This, however, requires extreme precision and is very difficult to pull off as a result, and the reliance on a Mushroom makes it unconventional to do in normal play. The technique sees widespread use in Time Trial mode in world record attempts, but usually takes hours of practice due to the technical precision required to perform the jumps.

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