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Rainbow Road is a course in all Mario Kart titles. Its main features are that it always has colorful grounding, usually contains little to no railing, is normally suspended in space, and is usually one of the longest courses.

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The music in Rainbow Road is reputed for being among the best in the Mario Kart series. The tracks are as follows:

  • Super: The song starts off in a dark, sad mood, using the C Minor scale. It then gradually transitions to a lighter, more positive mood towards a chorus in C Major. This chorus features the E, F# and G notes. Afterwards, the song transitions back to the dark beginning. Of all the Rainbow Road songs, this is the only one to implement a dark mood. The positive chorus from this song, on the other hand, is sampled in many future tracks.
  • 64: The song uses the A Major scale and starts off with a sound effect simulating a shooting star. A flute-like instrument is heard throughout the song's verse and chorus. The chorus is famous, as it has made its way into the music of two sequels.
  • Super Circuit: The song starts off with an adaptation of Super's chorus, although with an A Major instead of C Major. A shooting star sound effect is then heard, followed by synthesized music in the same scale. The Game Boy Advance has limited audio capabilities, so the Rainbow Road music has the least amount of details compared to other Mario Kart games.
  • Double Dash!!: For the first two laps, the song uses the C Major scale. The intro is heavily inspired by Super's chorus, followed by an original chorus of its own. A bridge plays afterwards, and the song ends with the 64 chorus. During the final lap, the song transitions a half-tone up into the C# Major scale.
  • DS: This song shares similarities with Super Circuit's, but its rendering is much richer and features an original intro instead of the chorus found in Super.
  • Wii: Re-samples part of the intro found in DS, but then proceeds to have its own original theme. This is the first Rainbow Road song to feature church-like bells.
  • 7: The song uses its own intro and verse, followed by an implementation of 64's chorus.


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