Paratroopa is a driver that has only appeared in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. His Special Item is Triple Red Shells. His special item follows the racer in front of him, instead of bouncing off the walls. He is originally a partner of Koopa Troopa, but you can mix him up with anybody else just as well. Paratroopas (red, green, and blue) also make cameos in Mario Kart 8 and its port as spectators.

Paratroopa appears as a spectator during the Mario Kart: Super Circuit Award ceremony.


The Paratroopa is one of Bowser's minions in the Mario series, and is very similar to Koopa Troopa, except the fact that Paratroopa is has a red color scheme and Koopa Troopa is green. He resemebles a turtle, like all the Koopas, and has red boots. Paratroopa also has a set of wings, probably to fly with. The rest of his body (head, torso, arms and legs) are different colors of yellow. And he always smiles.



  • Paratroopa was originally going to appear in Mario Kart Wii, but he was scrapped. However, you can modify Koopa Troopa into him via Wii mods.

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