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Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS in Mario Kart DS.
First appearance Mario Kart DS (2005)
Total appearances Mario Kart DS

See Nintendo DS for the handheld console with the same name.

Nintendo DS is a Battle Stage in Mario Kart DS. Battles take place on a giant Nintendo DS in space, like all the Rainbow Roads.


Nintendo DS (Battle Stage)

Nintendo DS (Battle Stage). I shouldn't have to say what it's based on, but it is based on a Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS is based on the original Nintendo DS in a white color. When a Battle Mode begins, the racers start on the opposite ends of the bottom section of the DS. All of the buttons are visible (the A,B,X,Y buttons, L and R, the D-Pad, and Start and Select), but they do no protrude from the base. In fact, the entire bottom half of it is flat, with the exception of the edges, which gradually slope down into darkness. The screen is not active. The middle portion (hinge of the two sections) is a gateway to the top screen, which shows the opening title screen of Mario and the words Mario Kart DS. It does not switch even after you unlock the alternate title screen. The hinge is not accessible near the edge of the DS, allowing for Green Shells and other Items to ricochet off. The top section is exactly the same as the bottom portion, but has about a 20 degree angle difference. The speakers can be made out. Item Boxes are on each of the corners of the top section and on both screens in a circular pattern. There is no railing, so don't just randomly drive off the edge for no reason. The Battle Stage is similar to Nintendo Gamecube for the Nintendo GameCube, both being a Battle Stage for their game's console.

Missions 1-5 and 7-6 take place here. Mission 1-5 features Toad driving through 6 gates in order. Mission 7-6 features Mario driving through 8 gates in order.

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