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Mushroom City
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Mushroom City is the busy city of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is dangerous because cars drive around, and if racers hit one, they slip. Also, racers shouldn't hit the Wiggler buses, because they will flip the karts. There are Bob-omb Cars that drive around, and whenever one is hit by an item or a racer, the Bob-omb Car will blow up, and the racer will go flying, leaving the thrower dragging in the back. You will lose any item that you had before you collided with the Bob-omb Car. There are red and blue cars, and Mushroom Cars, but no regular buses like there are in Mushroom Bridge. If a Mushroom Car is hit though, the racer will not slip. The Mushroom Car will throw out a Mushroom, and if hit, the racer will get a decent amount of boost. The music in this course is the same as in Mushroom Bridge. This is the second track in Star Cup on Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. This track is Paratroopa and Koopa's place. This is one of the most confusing tracks in the game due of its confusing intersections. Drifting is mostly used here. The most reccomended weight classes are small and medium. Heavy is mostly not an option here because of low handling and acceleration (with the exception of the Boo Pipes which is possibly the best kart to use here).


  • Rainbow Road is above this track in 1-player mode. However, it is absent in multiplayer mode.

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